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Blow-in Insulation, Mulberry, FL

Blow-in insulation is great for tight spaces like wall cavities and the attic in your Mulberry, FL home.

Blow-in Insulation, Mulberry, FLBlow-in insulation can be the best option to get insulation into places that are difficult to reach, such as wall cavities and attics. One of the best advantages of blow-in insulation is that it fills all the gaps that could be remaining when using roll insulation. It can be a very effective way to add insulation to your home at a lower cost than you might expect. At Polk County Insulation, we participate in all local utility rebate programs, which could lower your cost even further.


Questions to Ask Your Insulation Professional

With any home improvement, it is important to understand the process and have reasonable expectations about the result. The same is true for improving the insulation in your home, whether that is with blow-in insulation or another type. Here are a few questions you should ask your insulation professional that can help your project go smoothly.

  1. How much R-value improvement will my new insulation provide?
  2. Are there any local utility rebate programs that can cover some of the cost?
  3. For how many years will this insulation be effective?
  4. What material options do I have, and what are the advantages of each?
  5. What areas of my home need more insulation?
  6. What can I do to prepare for installation day?

Another thing nice about blow-in insulation is that we can achieve a variety of R-value results by simply adjusting the thickness installed. Hence, even if your budget is limited, we can at least raise the R-value in your attic, and you can start seeing at least some utility savings right away. For example, a total thickness of 10.25 inches would render an R30 and a 20 inch thickness would be an R60. We can go anywhere in between based on the room available and your budget.

Blow-in insulation is basically loose particles of insulation made up of fiberglass. This is a common insulation method here in Polk County, so we have installed it in many homes during our 30+ years in business in the Mulberry, Florida area. It can be done in an existing home or used for new construction.

We perform blow-in attic insulation. We can also remove blow-in insulation if need be. Give us a call today for a free estimate for any of our insulation services.

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