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Improve your home’s energy efficiency with duct leakage testing.

When we perform duct leakage testing, we measure the air tightness of ducts. If you have us come perform duct leakage testing in your home, this can be an incredibly helpful way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut back on your home’s energy bills.

Duct Leakage Testing in Winter Haven, Florida

The main purpose of duct leakage testing is to determine how much air is escaping from your home or the unit outside your building, ensuring that this level of leakage is minimal. We don’t need much time to perform the duct leakage testing process, and for most homes, it takes between one and two hours to complete. You can even stay in your home while we complete the test.

Before we start with duct leakage testing, we install a minimally invasive fan, known as a duct blaster, onto one of your home’s ducts. This fan is used to create negative pressure within your ductwork, so we can track any ventilation changes in tandem with a pressure sensor. The information we gather will tell us the volume of the air lost in your ductwork and can be a helpful measurement needed to determine the energy efficiency of your ductwork.

If your home fails the duct leakage test and too much air is escaping from your ductwork, you can fix the issue by investing in high-quality insulation and sealing leaks with long-lasting solutions. For more information about what duct leakage testing involves, or to schedule an appointment for this service for your Winter Haven, Florida home, contact us at Polk County Insulation today.