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We have provided expert insulation services for over 30 years.

Here at Polk County Insulation, we know insulation! We have been providing insulation services for over 30 years throughout the Winter Haven, Florida area, and we are your top source for insulation removal, insulation installation, blower door testing, energy rebate support, and many different types of insulation, such as blow-in insulation, and batting insulation.

About Polk County Insulation in Winter Haven, Florida

We’re a family-owned and operated business, so we only hire the best insulation contractors. We train all our employees thoroughly when they come to work for us to achieve 100% satisfaction on every job. In fact, if you aren’t happy, neither are we! We will do whatever it takes to ensure your happiness with the end-result of your insulation project and the quality of our workmanship.

Polk County Insulation- Serving Polk County For Over 30 Years

All of our insulation products are Energy Star® certified, and we participate in various rebate programs with local utility companies to help you save. Beyond that, adding new insulation to your home can make your living spaces more comfortable and help you cut back on utilities, since heated and cooled air will remain indoors instead of leaking out. Our mission is to help you feel as comfortable as possible in your home, and our insulation services can make this happen!

We would be happy to tell you more about our insulation expertise and how we can insulate your home to ensure your satisfaction and comfort. Contact us at Polk County Insulation today to discuss our services and capabilities!