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Blow-In Insulation in Polk County, FloridaThough most people are familiar with batting insulation, and perhaps even like it for its containment in rolls or “blankets”, Blow-in insulation is another fantastic option for your home. Blow-in insulation can be used on its own or in conjunction with already-existing insulation, and is often suggested for homes that did not previously have insulation. It can be sprayed into wall cavities and into hard-to-reach places, such as attics. In fact, blow-in insulation is often used in attics even when batting insulation is used in the walls, floor, and ceiling of the same house. Blow-in insulation is a great option to fill holes around other types of insulation, or simply to add additional residential insulation.

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Blow-in insulation is made up of loose particles of insulation, rather than fit together in rolls like batting insulation. These loose particles are usually made up of fiberglass. It is blown into your walls, attic, etc., through a tube that the installer will direct into the areas needed filling, and use the motion to evenly distribute the insulation. The blow-in insulation, unlike other types of insulation, does not leave gaps or air pockets. It completely and fully fills the space. Ask your insulation contractor at Polk County Insulation if blow-in insulation might be right for you. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for adding to your insulation, trading out your insulation, or getting blow-in insulation installed for the first time in your Polk County, Florida home.

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