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Blow-in Insulation, Davenport, FL

Blow-in insulation is great for tight spaces like wall cavities and the attic in your Davenport, FL home.

Blow-in Insulation, Lakeland, FLBlow-in insulation can be the best option to get insulation into places that are difficult to reach, such as wall cavities and attics. One of the best advantages of blow-in insulation is that it fills all the gaps that could be remaining when using roll insulation. It can be a very effective way to add insulation to your home at a lower cost than you might expect. At Polk County Insulation, we participate in all local utility rebate programs, which could lower your cost even further.


Top Reasons to Consider Blow-In Insulation

It isn’t much fun to have a home that you can’t get to a comfortable temperature in the summer or the winter. With utility costs on the rise, it makes sense to consider increasing the insulation in your home. However, is fiberglass blow-in insulation right for you? Consider these reasons why it might be your best option:

  1. Affordable – The cost to install blow-in insulation is lower than you might think and could be even lower with local utility rebate programs.
  2. Lasting Results – Fiberglass blow-in insulation experiences very little settling, so you enjoy long-term benefits.
  3. Added Benefits – A few other benefits include fire-resistance and sound dampening, and it can be used to top off your existing insulation, provided it is in good condition.

Another thing nice about blow-in insulation is that we can achieve a variety of R-value results by simply adjusting the thickness installed. Hence, even if your budget is limited, we can at least raise the R-value in your attic, and you can start seeing at least some utility savings right away. For example, a total thickness of 10.25 inches would render an R30 and a 20 inch thickness would be an R60. We can go anywhere in between based on the room available and your budget.

Blow-in insulation is basically loose particles of insulation made up of fiberglass. This is a common insulation method here in Polk County, so we have installed it in many homes during our 30+ years in business in the Davenport, Florida area. It can be done in an existing home or used for new construction.

We perform blow-in attic insulation. We can also remove blow-in insulation if need be. Give us a call today for a free estimate for any of our insulation services.

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