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Insulation R-Values, FloridaInsulating your attic is important because more heat (per square foot) travels through the ceiling than any other structure. The most cost-effective and easiest way to overcome this is to install insulation in the attic. To get a rating, measure with a ruler and then multiply the number of inches by the Resistance-Value (R-Value) of the particular insulation.

If the insulation R-Values do not exceed 19, it’s probably best to add extra insulation. If you are not sure about what kind of insulation already exists, take a sample to an expert. When getting a sample, be sure to wear gloves and a particle filter over your mouth and nose.

The best home building practices currently indicate insulation R-Values of 30 to 38 in attics for all climate zones in Florida. But certain conditions – cathedral ceilings for example – might limit the ability to have a high R-Value. Moreover, the overall insulation R-Values of ceilings or walls differ somewhat from the actual insulation because some heat flows through the joists and studs in steel or wood-framed construction.

However, this problem can be reduced with careful design. And remember, the key to effective insulation is quality products and proper installation. Of course, not all homeowners understand R-Values, so it’s a topic that’s worth talking about with your contractor prior to installation.

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