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Everything You Need to Know About Insulation R-Values

Most people know insulation is a necessary part of your home, but it’s also important to know how insulation works. Knowing and understanding the insulation R-values of the materials in your home will help you feel more confident when you have to deal with fixing or replacing insulation. At Polk County Insulation, we are happy to explain these insulation R-values and what they mean, as well as use R-values to help you determine the best kind of insulation for your home.

Insulation R-values deal with how heat flows through the insulation, and they vary depending on the material and thickness. The higher an R-value is, the better your insulation will work. These values are key in figuring out what kind and how much insulation you need in your home. The R-value, combined with other factors like climate and wind, are all important things to discuss with our contractors at Polk County Insulation.

In general, you will need more insulation, or insulation with a higher R-value, in your attic. In a colder climate, you will probably need more insulation to keep your house warm and comfortable. Floors also tend to require insulation with a higher R-value to keep heat from escaping. The required insulation R-values for your new insulation may also depend on the existing insulation in your home. If it is viable and still effective, you can just add more layers of insulation instead of completely replacing the insulation.

If you have questions about insulation R-values and what they have to do with the insulation in your home, contact our professional team at Polk County Insulation. We will do our best to answer any of your questions, so you leave feeling comfortable and more informed about your insulation. Contact us today!