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When buying insulation, it can seem like you have stepped into a chemistry or math class full of weird numbers and words like conductivity and convection. It doesn’t have to be so confusing or make you feel like a kid in junior high science class making a stab at it with a multiple choice test. Understanding insulation R-Values can help you make a more informed decision on what is best to pick for your house.

Understanding Insulation R-Values for a More Informed Decision

Insulation R-ValuesInsulation provides resistance to heat flow in your home. Your heating and cooling costs are lower with the more heat flow resistance your insulation provides. Having the right insulation not only saves you money but also makes your home more comfortable overall. Basically, heat flows from warmer to cooler, so in the winter the heat in your home goes from the heated spaces to the unheated spaces. In the summer, the heat from outside tries to make its way to the cooler inside of your home, so proper insulation provides effective resistance to the flow of heat. This is why insulation is so important.

The insulation material’s ability to resist heat flow is measured by its thermal resistance called R-Value. The higher Insulation R-Value, the greater it’s ability to insulate effectively. The insulation R-Values depend on what type of insulation it is, how thick it is and how dense it is. Insulation R-Values also depend on where the insulation is installed in your home- walls and floors will conduct heat differently than attics. So you may be thinking that the best plan of attack is to just buy whatever has the highest insulation R-Value. This may not be the best, however. Which insulation R-Value you purchase also depends on what the climate is where you live, your cooling and heating system, and where you will be installing the insulation. You may not need the higher R-Value after all. At Polk County Insulation, we know what insulation is best for this area and which insulation R-Value will best suit your individual home project. For help in choosing insulation that will be best for you, contact us today at Polk County Insulation.