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Insulation R-Values
Insulation is a key factor in keeping any home or commercial building comfortable and efficient. Without insulation or with insufficient amounts, a would-be comfortable structure would have wildly variable temperatures depending on the time of day. For hundreds of years, humans have worked to keep themselves warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and modern-day insulation helps us to achieve that goal.

If you’ve ever researched insulation, you quickly learn that there are insulation R-values. Here at Polk County Insulation, we are here to clear up a few common misconceptions about insulation R-values.

First, every insulation type comes with an insulation R-value. This number is a rating of the insulating factor of the material. The “R” stands for “resistance,” or in other words, the ability of the material to resist heat flow through it. A higher R-rating means more resistance to heat flow, making it a more effective insulator. Insulation R-ratings are not like golf — you want a high score!

Second, multiple layers of insulation allow for combined insulation R-values. Adding values of R-25 and R-25 will give you an R-value of 50, provided that you have the space for multiple layers.

Finally, insulation that has been compressed does not lose or decrease its R-value. If you have fluffy, brand-new insulation in your attic and notice after a few years, the fluffiness has gone, your insulation value is the same.

If you have questions about insulation R-values for your home or business, give us a call here at Polk County Insulation.