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Attic InsulationHeat rises, and everyone knows that the quickest way to throw money out the window (pun intended) is with poor attic insulation. So in an effort to help you keep the money in your wallet, we are going to give you a quick tutorial on attic insulation, and in an effort to keep you entertained (we know insulation doesn’t fascinate everyone as much as is does us) we are using baseball terminology for sports enthusiasts out there (and boldfaced for those who have no clue.) So, up to batt: a discussion on attic insulation.

The first thing to do is eliminate moisture. We’ll lead off with this one because it’s important to create a moisture barrier, so that moisture doesn’t steal its way into the attic insulation. Moisture in the attic creates problems with mold or mildew, so eliminating this is a double play of sorts. Usually creating a moisture barrier is just making sure that the paper or plastic side of the insulation faces whichever direction is the warmest in the winter.

To be ahead in the count with your attic insulation, make sure you insulate your attic floors. Your attic floor is the ceiling to the top floor of your home, and all heat rises here. The insulation needs to fit just right to fill in all the gaps (power alleys) to make sure that air doesn’t sneak out anywhere.  If hitting the ground(er) is not an option because you use your attic as living space, make sure to insulate the attic’s rafters.

If you already have attic insulation, but it seems to be striking out, you can juice up the insulation you already have with new stuff. It would require adding a new layer over the existing layer. If all this seems to be throwing you a curve ball though, just contact us at Polk County Insulation, and we’ll be your power hitter. We have years of experience and will make sure your attic insulation works like a money ball. Add us to your lineup card, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.