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Residential InsulationAll homes require insulation in order to have higher energy efficiency. Different types of insulation come with different ratings to help homeowners and builders know which type of insulation will be best for a particular home. This rating is known as insulation R-values.

Insulation R-values were created by the U.S. Department of Energy to recommend what types of insulation will help with heating and cooling energy costs of certain regions. You will find a few different types of recommended insulation, including:

  • Roll and batting
  • Loose-fill

Each has a specific insulation R-value that will help to regulate a home’s temperature. If a home was fit with the wrong insulation R-value, the home could exhibit heat loss, little outside noise control, and higher heating/cooling bills. If you are figuring out what types of insulation are needed for your home, it will be beneficial to find an insulation contractor to correctly insulate your home and save you from expensive bills in the long run.

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