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Insulation R-Values, Plant City, FL

High insulation R-values in your Plant City, FL home will give you the best efficiency against conductive heat transfer.

Insulation R-Values, Plant City, FLInsulation R-values are a measure of the effectiveness of insulation. The most important aspect of insulation is to keep your interior air conditioned to the temperature you want regardless of the temperature outside, and the insulation R-value will tell you how well the insulation will do that. Insulation resists the transfer of heat, so when the temperature inside your house is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and it is 34 degrees Fahrenheit outside, you don’t want to lose all that energy you put into that air to make it warm!

The key is to have a high R-value for the best efficiency against conductive heat transfer. However, the insulation R-value is not the only thing to consider when looking for insulation, because it is only Insulation R-Values a measure of how heat is transferred by touch (conduction). Ever wonder why wind makes cold air colder? It doesn’t, but if feels colder because of the moving air (convection).

A fire or the sun can make you warmer even though you don’t touch it (radiation). Insulation R-values do not take convection or radiation into consideration. There are other ways to insulate for convection and radiation. Convection heat transfer should only be allowed on the wall exterior by properly filling all voids and air leaks in the wall, so the heat transfer is forced to go through the entire wall instead of just the sheetrock. Foil films and other reflective materials help against radiation heat transfer.

As you can tell, there are lots of choices out there, and your home is unique. Have our specialists in insulation in the Plant City, FL area help you understand the best insulation solution for your home. Give us a call today to keep your energy bills low and your comfort level high!

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