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Our blower door testing services will make sure that your new construction project is up to code, or help you make your existing home as energy efficient as possible.

Blower Door Testing in Mulberry, Florida

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Whether you are planning a new construction project or you are happily settled in your existing home, it’s only natural to want to make sure that your space is as energy efficient as possible. For new construction, industry requirements are frequently changing, and you’ll likely need to test for a certain standard of energy efficiency in order to stay up to current codes. While the circumstances may be less urgent for private homeowners, it’s still a good idea to find out for sure how efficient your home is so that you can make informed decisions about any possible improvements. Whatever your reasons for wanting to know this information, we at Polk County Insulation offer blower door testing services to help you find out.

Blower door testing is a method used to measure the amount of air that leaks in and out of a space. A recent change to construction codes now requires that all new construction in the state of Florida include blower door testing as a measure of energy efficiency. These tests check the level of uncontrolled air leakage and provide a great deal of information about the associated indoor air quality and projected energy usage.

Blower door testing works like this: first, a blower door fan is placed in the main entry door of the house. This fan is also called an infiltrometer because it measures the level of air flow or infiltration. Once the fan is in place, it is used to depressurize the house, sucking out air from the interior. The suction causes air to exit through any leakage points. While the fan is running, one of our technicians will move from room to room to detect leaks.

We use a few different tools in order to check for leakage points. Sometimes, it’s possible for us to see and hear leaks using only our normal senses, as severe ones can create visible air disturbances or an audible whine. The next line of inquiry uses tools that create clouds of heatless smoke, which will then be sucked toward any leaks by the blower fan. For even more accuracy, we employ sensitive cameras that detect subtle differences in temperature, allowing us to find spots where air is flowing by how its temperature differs from the air in the rest of the room.

Whether you are part of a new construction effort in the Mulberry, Florida area or you simply want to make your existing home as efficient as possible, our team at Polk County Insulation can help. We offer professional blower door testing services that will accurately determine the level of air leakage in your property and give you a clear picture of how that impacts your overall energy efficiency. Our team will help you meet or surpass industry standards for efficiency and indoor air quality for new construction, or bring your existing property up to the latest codes. No matter your reason, if you are in need of reliable air blower testing for your property, just give our team a call today.

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