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Batting Insulation, Fort Meade, FL

Installing batting insulation in your Fort Meade, FL home is ideal for the long term due to its natural fire, water and mold resistant nature.

batting insulationWhen building or remodeling a home or business, many people will agonize over which color to paint the walls without putting much thought as to the best product for inside the walls! Here at Polk County Insulation, our priorities are quite the opposite. We have made our business out of carefully selecting and installing the right insulation for inside your walls to make your space as comfortable as possible. One of the most common forms of insulation that works in many different spaces is batting insulation.

Batting insulation is a great product for all sizes of structures, as well as all budgets. Made from fiberglass, batting insulation is ideal for the long term due to its natural fire, water and mold resistant nature. It often comes with varying pre-cut widths to fit neatly between standard stud sizes in a building. This tight fit ensures that your heating and cooling will be staying inside where they’re intended to be! Additionally, because it can be cut to fit odd places, you can insulate every nook and cranny of your space to maximize your insulation coverage.

When you have our team at Polk County Insulation working for the insulation needs of your Fort Meade, FL home or business, you won’t be sorry! We have built our family-owned and operated business over the last 30 years by putting our customers first. We work hard to find rebates and other cost-saving measures that will enable us to pass the savings along to you. When you’re ready to see your utility bills shrink while feeling comfortable in every season, contact us today for a free quote on batting insulation.

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