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Attic Insulation
When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, there are many easy measures that you can take to increase comfort while also decreasing energy bills. Sun-blocking window treatments, carefully checking windows and doors for gaps, and simply putting on or taking off a layer of clothing can do wonders to increase your comfort. If you’ve already tried all these things and still aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for, you might want to look up — to your attic that is!

Attic insulation is a great way to increase your insulation as well as your comfort without a lot of effort. In fact, many attic insulation projects are completed in a day or two, depending upon the size of your attic. When it comes to your attic, you have a few different options. Not every type of material will work in every climate, so it helps to consult with an insulation professional in your area.

Blown-in insulation involves insulation fibers that are blown into an attic space using specialized machinery. This type of insulation is great for hard-to reach attics or ones with irregular spaces. Because blown-in insulation is loose and unstructured, it works best for attics that won’t be used as storage spaces.

Batting insulation is what most people picture when thinking of insulation. Packaged in long rolls, batting insulation is cut to fit between trusses and studs, making it ideal for attics that will be used for storage or converted into living space.

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