Polk County Insulation > Home Insulation Blog > The Potential Dangers That Lurk Inside Your Old Home Insulation

You probably are not aware of the dangers associated with some types of old home insulation, most of which are connected to the type and age of the material.


  • Asbestos: This was used because it locks heat in and is fire resistant. Manufacturers then realized that it was linked to Asbestosis and cancer. Asbestos insulation is still found in many older homes.
  • Zonolite: This was used until the 1980s. If inhaled after it has broken down, it aggravates the lungs and causes respiratory issues, such as difficulty breathing and asthma. It must be pointed out, however, that it does not cause problems unless it breaks down.
  • Foamular: Although it is not recommended for home insulation, it is found in many attics. If this type is in your home, removal is recommended because it is highly flammable, and in the event of a fire, it will spread toxic smoke. Foamular insulation can even catch fire if it is exposed to extremely hot temperatures.

Note: You should also be on the lookout for mold if you live in a humid climate, especially in the attic. Mold commonly grows in attic insulation when dust gets trapped. The growing spores can spread into other areas of the home and damage its structural integrity by eating away at wood areas. One particular species, known as black mold, is especially dangerous and can cause serious health problems if airborne particles are inhaled.

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