Is My Home Insulation Sufficient?

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When we go through the process of buying a home, we often think about things like the square footage or ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms. While these things are important, you can have a great house but have insufficient home insulation. Without proper insulation, you can expect varying temperatures, higher utility bills, and even certain types of damages due to moisture condensation over time. If you are wondering about your home insulation, there are a few ways you can determine if your home is one of the majority of homes that have insufficient insulation.

wondering about your home insulation

The easiest place to start is to check your attic. Many attics aren’t able to be used for anything, even storage, especially if there is blown in insulation. If you can see the joists that are holding up your roof or if you see signs of moisture or mold, you need more or replaced home insulation!

After the attic, you’ll want to take your home’s temperature, so to speak. Walking around your home and taking note of drafty areas, cold spots, hot spots, and areas that are more consistent can help give you a better idea of your home insulation. Interior walls shouldn’t feel hot or cold to the touch, so if they vary depending on the exterior temperature, you could use a little home insulation boost.

Another place you’ll want to check is your ceiling. Do you experience little moisture leaks with or without rain? Wet spots are a huge red flag that your insulation isn’t doing its job, so have someone come in for a repair immediately.

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