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Insulation Removal: A Job For the Professionals

Insulation removal is a big job, and one that should be done by a professional technician. Serious problems can occur from improper removal of insulation in your home, especially if it’s done by someone without the right equipment or training. Instead of stressing about completing this complicated job by yourself, trust the professionals at Polk County Insulation to handle the whole process for you.

There are several dangers involved with insulation removal, and the whole process can be quite messy. Some types of insulation are made of fiberglass and other materials that could be harmful to you and your family if not disposed of properly. Our technicians are aware of these dangers and always come prepared with the protective clothing and other equipment they need to complete the job safely. With each insulation removal job, we make sure nothing dangerous or dirty is left behind. All of the old insulation is discarded away from your home as well to protect your family.

Some cases of insulation removal require specific tools and equipment, such as when you need blow-in insulation removed. This type of insulation removal requires a vacuum that won’t become clogged or ruined by the insulation. Household vacuums are unable to vacuum up all of your blow-in insulation without clogging the filter and causing other damage, so it’s necessary to have a professional take care of the removal.

Don’t hesitate to call our team at Polk County Insulation today to schedule your insulation removal appointment. With 30 years in the business, we promise you won’t be disappointed in any of our insulation removal services!