Do You Need Insulation Removal?

It seems like more often than not, professionals are trying to get us to put more insulation into our homes. After all, a well-insulated home or commercial building can enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable environment, more consistent temperatures, lower utility bills, and even tax advantages in some cases! Because we see insulation as a good thing, which it is, we often don’t think of it as a material that might need replacement. However, insulation removal is a process that many people neglect to their own detriment. We have come up with a few reasons why you may need insulation removal services from a professional in your area:

  • Pests. Even the most successfully-built structure is not immune to pests! Sad as that thought may be, many types of insulation either aren’t pest resistant or the pests have worked around it. Carpenter ants, for example, love foam insulation. And mice, rats, and other rodents have no trouble working their way through and around fiberglass insulation. Insulation with pest contamination should be removed.
  • Water damage. Whether a heavy rainstorm caused a flood, or you have had a slow and steady leak, water damage can lurk in many places in your home. Should you experience water damage, insulation removal should follow shortly after to prevent mold growth.
  • Age. If your home was built in a certain time period, it runs the risk of being insulated with materials containing asbestos. This cancer-causing material was used for its fire-retardant purposes, but now we recognize its danger. This type of insulation removal should always be done by a professional.

If you would like to know more about insulation removal in your area, contact us at Polk County Insulation for more information.