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Insulation Removal, Lakeland, FL

We have been performing insulation removal in Lakeland and the rest of Polk County, FL for 30 years.

Insulation Removal, Lakeland, FLAs annoying a job as insulation installation is, it is even worse when it comes time for insulation removal. Even the bravest of the DIY homeowners find this is a task for professionals, for good reason. It is not only a very messy job, but it can also be a detriment to your health. There are many hazards involved with insulation removal that you should be aware of if you are thinking about doing it yourself.

First of all, over time, your home’s insulation can become contaminated with feces and urine from rodents and insects, which can pose a definite health hazard to you and your family if not removed carefully. There are any number of diseases that can be transmitted from this contamination. Additionally, there may still be some rodents around that will be quite unhappy that you are disturbing them and their nest.

Another danger involves walking around an unplanked attic. Not only can you be injured from falling through the ceiling, but it will cost you lots of money to repair the damage. The fall could cause anything from some minor scratches to a broken leg – or worst case scenario, a broken back or neck. Someone in the room below could also be injured. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Not performing insulation removal professionally can result in a lot of dust and debris flowing through your home, which can cause respiratory ailments for your entire family. At Polk County Insulation, we use commercial removal systems that do not allow anything into the home itself. This is the safest way for insulation removal.

If you need insulation removal due to it being contaminated, trampled down or water damaged, give us a call to discuss our insulation removal services. We will gladly come out and assess the situation and provide an estimate. We have been performing insulation removal in Lakeland and the rest of Polk County, Florida for 30 years. Once the old insulation is removed, we can install new insulation, as well.


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