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Whether you just bought or have been living in it for decades, owning an old home can have a lot of perks and drawbacks, the charm, the individuality, the features and design that come with a house style once forgotten but still striking and attractive. An old house can give you all the things a cookie-cutter home in stucco-ville can’t. Unfortunately, along with the good, comes the bad, which usually turns into the costly, outdated or no HVAC systems, poorly done or extremely worn house insulation, appliances that are minutes away from biting the dust. These problems end up costing you much more than necessary in the long run. Let’s talk about one of them- house insulation.

House Insulation for Your Historic, Aged, Timeworn, Matured, or Just Plain Old House

House InsulationIf your home was built before 1940, there is a very high probability that it wasn’t insulated to begin with, and if it was, time has definitely taken its toll on the materials used. If you aren’t sure, check your attic. You’ll probably be able to see if you have house insulation in between the ceiling joists. If it has settled or decomposed, you’ll want to replace it since a lot of heat is lost through poorly insulated ceilings. Contact us at Polk County Insulation for help removing the old insulation, as it may contain asbestos and could be dangerous. Once you are ready to install new house insulation, you’ll need to choose which type to use. Loose fill insulation is the more popular choice for old homes, as it can reach places that other insulations cannot, and typically old homes have a lot of nooks and crannies and hidden places that newer home structures do not. As we mentioned, you’ll want to insulate the attic first. If the attic is finished and is used as a living space, the insulation will be best placed in the rafters. If the attic is unfinished, it’ll be installed in the floor. Blowing in insulation is the least invasive way to install installation in your old home. For help in deciding the where, what kind, how much and how thick questions about house insulation, contact us at Polk County Insulation. We’ll help you keep some money in your pocket and focus on the joys of owning an historic, aged, timeworn, matured or just plain old house.