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Insulation Removal ServicesThere are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to which projects in a home are suitable for the DIY homeowner and which should be left to professionals. Insulation removal is one project that many a homeowner has tried to do on their own, but found that they wish they had hired an insulation removal services company.

When it comes time to replace attic insulation that has deteriorated due to age or damage, it may seem a simple task to remove the existing insulation. Because most insulation is made from fiberglass, however, it is quite sharp and can cut whatever it comes in contact with. This means that if you try to remove it, it can damage not only your hands, but also your eyes, nasal passages, and other parts of your body.

Another potential danger is that sometimes the insulation has become wet, either through a roof leak or condensation, and has thus begun to grow mold, which, if not removed carefully, poses a huge health danger. It is usually not immediately noticeable that the mold exists, either, so you could inhale dangerous mold spores and begin spreading them throughout the home, thus endangering your entire family, before even realizing it.

Between the dangers of fiberglass and mold, it just makes more sense to hire an insulation removal services company for this hazardous project. At Polk County Insulation, our insulation removal services experts are trained professionals who know how to safely remove and replace the insulation from your home with no harm to them or to you and your family. Give us a call today for an estimate on your insulation removal project.