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Fiberglass Insulation, Lakeland, FL

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Fiberglass Insulation, Lakeland, FLDid you know that fiberglass did not exist as it is now until the early 1930’s, and that came about as an accident? A researcher unintentionally came up with an easy way to make it and trademarked it in 1938. Since then, people have found a number of ways to use this amazing product, but its most common use is as fiberglass insulation.

For all its benefits, you do have to be careful around fiberglass insulation. There are known health risks involved with handling this material improperly. The fine airborne particles can be inhaled and cause various respiratory problems, not to mention the itchiness you can experience on your skin from exposure. While there are a number of projects around the home that the DIY homeowner can tackle, working with fiberglass insulation is never a good idea.

At Polk County Insulation, we take all the proper precautions when dealing with fiberglass insulation to keep both our technicians and your family safe. Our insulation products are Energy Star® certified for quality and are even safely used in schools. It is our mission to provide the best products at a competitive price with personalized service.

We’ve been proudly serving the Lakeland, Florida area for 30 years. We are a family owned and operated business that hires only professionals who have passed a background check. We are fully insured and licensed, and we participate in all local utility rebate programs. Give us a call to set up your no-obligation free estimate for fiberglass insulation.

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