What Are the Options for Insulation Installation Services?

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There is more than one way to insulate a home, and this is just one category of insulation installation services. It’s important to understand the different options that are available to you before moving forward. You’ll want to use a well-rounded insulation installation services company that does more than just an initial installation.

What Are the Options for Insulation Installation Services?

The way your insulation gets installed depends on the type of material you choose, so let’s start with the two most common types.

  • Batting insulation: This comes in sheets or rolls and can be made from fiberglass or mineral (rock) wool. It gets fitted in between studs, beams, and joists.
  • Blow-in insulation: This can also be made from fiberglass and mineral wool. It is loose material that gets blown into spaces with special equipment. It works well in irregularly shaped areas and places that are hard to reach.

Besides installing insulation, insulation installation services include other kinds of work:

  • Blower door testing: What is a blower door? It’s a strong fan that gets mounted (temporarily) into an exterior doorway frame. It gets calibrated, switched on, and pulls air out from the interior space. This lowers the inside air pressure, and higher outside air pressure goes into any unsealed cracks and gaps. It’s an excellent diagnostic tool.
  • Insulation removal: When old or damaged insulation needs to be removed, special equipment and personal protective gear must be used.

Whether you need to determine if your home is energy efficient, need to have old insulation removed, or want new installation installed, look no further than Polk County Insulation. We’ve been in business for 30 years and offer professional, friendly service.