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As a homeowner in Florida, you know that combating the weather is as important here as it is in other climates. Unfortunately, there are a few myths circulating about residential insulation that may have you putting less concern in this area than perhaps you should. Let’s dispel a few of those myths, so you can determine if your home could be a bit more energy-efficient, thereby saving you money.

Myth #1 – I only need to worry about having enough insulation to have an energy-efficient home.

The fact is that there are far more things to be concerned with. You could have an R-value of twice what you currently have, and you’ll still have wasted energy costs if you do not address air leaks and proper ventilation. Having air leaks is like wearing a coat outdoors in the winter unzipped – that cold air will flow in and around your body, and you’ll still be cold regardless of how thick your coat is.

Myth #2 – Residential insulation is only important in the winter, so I don’t have to worry about it here in Florida.

The fact is that you could reduce your cooling costs by roughly 25% with proper residential insulation. Also, for those short periods of time when you need heat, you could save nearly 50%.

Myth #3 – I am okay with my utility costs, so I won’t benefit enough by increasing the insulation.

The fact is that there are other benefits of added residential insulation. For example, soundproofing is one benefit that is often overlooked. In addition, increasing your home’s value is always a plus. Besides, even if you only drop your costs a few dollars a month, it adds up over time. You’re not just saving on utility costs, either, as your HVAC system will last longer, too, and require fewer repairs.

Myth #4 – Insulating my home will be expensive.

This is one that we can help you with at Polk County Insulation. For 30 years, we have helped homeowners in the Auburndale, Winter Haven, Lakeland, and surrounding areas in Florida gain comfort and utility savings at a lower cost than you might expect. You have nothing to lose by calling us and scheduling a time to get a free estimate for your residential insulation project. We’ll help you uncover the facts about what you can gain by making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable.