Insulation Rebates: Rewarding You for Improving your Insulation Situation

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Are you having trouble keeping your home at a comfortable temperature? Do you find yourself frequently needing to adjust the thermostat? Are you frustrated by high energy costs on your utility bills? It may be that your home is not properly insulated. By replacing existing insulation or adding more insulation to your home, you will very likely be able to achieve a more consistent temperature and reduce your energy costs. As an added benefit, there is a good chance rebates will be available to help with the cost.

we can help you find any rebates

Here at Polk County Insulation, we have been in the business of supplying our community with insulation services for well over twenty years. We take great pride in helping residents find the best insulation for their homes in order to achieve the comfort they desire. When you aren’t satisfied, neither are we, so we work with you until you are 100 % satisfied with our work.

One of the reasons we love providing insulation is because not only can it help our clients have more comfortable homes, but it can also save you money. We have partnered with several energy companies to reward you for reducing your energy costs. When you come to us at Polk County Insulation, we can help you find any rebates that might be available to you and we will make sure you understand what is needed to qualify for those rebates and how to receive them.  Not only will you save money with your rebates, but your improved insulation will also reduce your energy costs, saving you money on your utility bill.

If you’re ready to have a more comfortable, consistent temperature in your home and to be financially rewarded for doing so, call us at Polk County Insulation and ask how we can help you with getting the insulation you need and receiving rebates to assist with that endeavor.