Blower Door Testing: An Introduction

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Blower door testing helps to point out areas When you are working on the construction of a new home, there are many checks and inspections that need to be done before you are given the keys to the front door. Things like checking the wiring and plumbing are obviously a must, but what about the energy efficiency? That’s where our team here at Polk County Insulation comes in. With our process known as blower door testing, we are able to give you a snapshot into the efficiency of your home, weaknesses and improvements that can be made to fix them. So, what is blower door testing? Keep on reading to find out!

Blower door testing is exactly what it sounds like: a door with a blower in it that tests the energy efficiency and insulation needs of a home. With blower door testing, a company like ours will place a blower door in the place of the front door. The blower door fills the doorway and has a blower fan close to the middle of the door. We then use the readings from the fan and the airflow throughout the house to determine where insulation could be used, where there is enough, and what changes need to be made in order to fix the problem.

Blower door testing is something that is done most often by contractors, so if you aren’t sure if your contractor is the type to have this service done before handing over the keys to your new home, be sure to ask or request that they have it done. Blower door testing helps to point out areas that need to be fixed during construction, which is a much more convenient time to make changes to insulation! For questions about blower door testing, be sure to contact our experienced team at Polk County Insulation today.