6 Reasons that Blown-in Insulation is Commonly Used [infographic]

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If you need insulation for your home, shop, or business then we highly recommend that you take a moment to consider the benefits and advantages of blown-in insulation. We use a fiberglass insulation that has an excellent R-value. Here are some of the benefits of blown-in insulation.

6 Reasons that Blown-in Insulation is Commonly Used

1.  Fire safeguard – Blown-in insulation will assist in limiting the spread of a fire because it helps to limit extra airflow.

2.  Energy savings – Because blown-in insulation is able to get into every crack, cranny and hole it is able to help keep the cooled air inside your home during the summer months and the heated air inside your home in the winter months. Your HVAC system will have to work less, which will allow you to save some money on your energy bills.

3.  Soundproofing – Blown-in insulation helps to limit obnoxious noises from entering your home from the outside. It also helps to limit noises from one room to another in your home.

6 Reasons that Blown-in Insulation is Commonly Used

4.  Quick installation – Blown-in insulation is very quick and easy to install. This will also save you money on labor.

5.  More efficient – Blown-in insulation makes almost a perfect seal wherever it is installed. This makes it one of the most efficient insulation choices.

6.  Reduced condensation – Blown-in insulation helps to keep moisture out of your home. This helps to limit issues with mold, weird smells, and rot.

If you are ready to live with the benefits of blown-in insulation then give us a call today at Polk County Insulation in Auburndale, Florida.