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The Dangers of Storing Moth Balls in Your Attic

Here at Polk County Insulation, we value each and every one of our customers and the people we know and work with, which is why we are sad to report that someone we know died from exposure to moth balls in their attic. Moth balls were stored in this space, and when the person we know went up to work in the attic, they were exposed to fumes that eventually killed them while they were working.

Many people use moth balls to get rid of squirrels and other pests in their attic without knowing of the dangers. Generally speaking, moth balls are made out of naphthalene, which is a material derived from coal tar. Naphthalene is a toxic gas heavier than air, and when used in your attic, the gas not only infiltrates the space, but can also seep into the lower levels of your home and living areas.

Since moth balls take oxygen from the air, keeping them in your attic is similar to running your car engine in a garage with the door shut. While moth balls might effectively deter squirrels and other rodents from infiltrating your attic, you could end up harming your health and the health of the people who live in your home.

Due to this very sad incident, we urge you to refrain from keeping moth balls in your attic and to use another form of pest control instead.