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Residential Insulation, FloridaNearly half of the money you spend on utilities goes to heating and cooling, so it makes sense that adding insulation to your home is one of the most important methods for reducing energy costs. The only question then becomes which type of attic insulation is best – batting attic insulation or blown-in insulation? While these are the three main types, the decision is further complicated by the fact that each type has different options, as well. This can make the choice between batting attic insulation and other types somewhat confusing. In most cases, the decision will be made based on one of these factors:

  • Initial Cost – When the goal is to keep the initial cost as low as possible, the clear winner generally is batting attic insulation. Even within this type of insulation, however, there are many price points relating predominantly to the R-value. Blown-in insulation is a bit more costly, but the lower labor costs for installation make up for the higher cost of the product.
  • Attic Configuration – How the attic was built and what else is in the attic will often dictate which insulation type will be most effective.
  • Utility Savings – When the goal is to reduce utility costs as much as possible, batting attic insulation is the least desirable product, as it leaves gaps that other options do not.

All types of attic insulation, including batting attic insulation, have a specific lifespan, which should also be considered in the decision. How long the homeowner expects to remain in the home is also a factor. One of our qualified and experienced insulation contractors will be glad to go over the advantages and disadvantages of batting attic insulation and other types with you and help you understand how they relate to your particular needs. Contact us today at Polk County Insulation for more information.