Three Places Home Insulation Ensures Your Total Comfort 0

Did you know that lack of proper home insulation and air leakage are the leading causes of wasted energy in the American homes? If you want to make sure your home is providing you with the maximum amount of comfort, you should first consider if you have the proper amount of home insulation. For example, you may not think about your attic often, but this is where the majority of your heat is being lost.

Three Places Home Insulation Ensures Your Total Comfort

Some of the key locations for home insulation include:


  • Attic: As mentioned, attics are often forgotten about when it comes to air loss. The reality is that heat travels upwards, and if you have a lack of quality home insulation in your attic, you will lose a large amount of heat. Be sure to inspect your attic thoroughly and make sure no air is leaking out.
  • Crawlspace: Just as air can escape through your attic, it can also be lost through your crawlspace. Crawlspace insulation can help your floors maintain a more consistent temperature throughout your home during the year.
  • Garage: If you have a garage that is attached your home, be sure you’re not losing energy through it. Check all the seals around your garage doors and make sure the main door closes properly. Some homeowners even opt to insulate their garage doors if they plan to heat the garage.

To make sure your home is properly insulated, why not give us a call at Polk County Insulation and ask about our home insulation solutions? We will make sure your home insulation is in the best shape it can be.