Key Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation 0

Crawl Space InsulationIn the past, insulating a crawlspace didn’t always work out the way it was hoped. Putting in fiberglass batt insulation along with crawlspace vents may have seemed like a good idea, but the insulation soon became saturated with moisture and thus did not perform as planned. Thankfully, today there are better options for crawl space insulation, making it completely possible to enjoy various benefits of adding it to a home with a crawlspace.

  • Warmer Floors- The first benefit a homeowner will notice after crawl space insulation installation is that the floors will be much warmer during the cold months. This is good news for avoiding cold feet and also for families with young children who spend time on the floor playing and crawling.
  • Reduce Drafts– Have you ever stood next to an outside wall, and you can feel the wind coming through it? Another benefit of crawl space insulation is that drafts will be reduced. This is not just a comfort advantage, but also one that will keep the family healthy. Again, this is especially important for households with small children.
  • Reduce Mold & Allergens– It is not only drafts that can make a family sick. Air leaks located in the ducts in a crawlspace contribute to mold spores and other allergens that make their way into the home if the crawlspace is not properly insulated. These contaminants are especially dangerous for those with breathing concerns, such as asthma and allergies.
  • No Frozen Pipes– Although not a concern in all areas, some homeowners have to be concerned about pipes in the crawlspace freezing in the winter, but with crawl space insulation, that danger is reduced and often eliminated. Even in climates that do not often experience a freeze, there can still be condensation that forms on HVAC equipment and ducts that are located in the crawl space, and this can be prevented by crawl space insulation.

The utility savings that result will eventually cover the cost of the crawl space insulation. Contact us at Polk County Insulation for more information. We can provide you with a quote and explain the entire process.